February Craft: Mystic Messenger Envelope Keychain

Happy February, everyone!

The month of love brings with it a love-themed game and craft project! This keychain is a perfect gift for that special someone in your life, or maybe you’ll just want to keep the love all to yourself!


The game is translated into several languages, so no Korean knowledge needed!

If you don’t know what Mystic Messenger is, it’s a Korean mobile dating sim game that is really unique and innovative. It follows the stories of a secret fundraising group and gives you several choices of potential suitors from the rich, standoffish businessman to the playboy actor and many choices in between.


Come on, how cute are they? (Very)

What makes it different from other dating sims isn’t so much its story, but how you interact. All interactions are done as if you were really using your phone. You participate in chat rooms, make and receive phone calls, send emails and even text messages. It makes it feel like your phone (and yourself) are really in the game!

And now, without further ado, here is our craft!


The finished product.

This month’s craft is made with cross-stitching. And while it may look difficult, cross-stitch is pretty straightforward and simple. You use a grid-like material and make X’s into it, with each X representing a pixel of your project. The key to a good cross-stitch is to make sure all of your X’s are made the same exact way, and that you keep the back of your project free of mess.

If you’re not sure how to cross-stitch, a great starter guide can be found here:

Materials Needed:


Everything you’ll need.

  • Hard plastic cross-stitching frame. While you can use the regular fabric from most cross-stitch projects, I prefer to use the hard plastic grids as it provides more form and stability to the finished project. It’s also great for use in bookmarks and ornaments.
  • Embroidery thread in black, white and two tones of the color of your choice (for the heart). I went with two shades of gold to mimic the mystic messenger heart icon from the game.
  • Embroidery Needle
  • Tacky glue, or glue that can be used on fabric
  • Felt backing in the color of your choice
  • A key chain ring
  • And a few jump rings (those little round pieces of metal that connect the piece to the key chain)

I used a pattern to make the envelope, which makes it easy to figure out what you need to do. Cross-stitch is very count-by-numbers.


The pattern

First, I started with the black outline, so I could map out how large my project would be.


Black outline

Once finished, I did the remainder of the black thread work. I like to work in one color at a time to keep things neat and organized, however,  if you prefer to work by row, you can.


All the black parts done.

After that, I outlined the heart shape in my darker gold, followed by the interior of the heart with the lighter gold (it’s hard to tell in photos, but there are two tones there).

Once that was done, I clipped my envelope to size. I like to keep a small lip to prevent unraveling of the pattern and to have something to thread over to give the key chain more stability.


This is relatively clean, for me!

I then cut a piece of felt to size and glued it on. Be sure to let the glue dry for a few hours before adding finishing touches. A felt backing also gives the key chain a more finished look, and helps cover up the messy back!


The back, glued on and drying.

Once dried, I added a “border” by stitching the cross stitch piece into the backing itself. I worked through all of the outside holes of my piece. This helps keep the two pieces together in case the glue fails on you.


Jump rings added. (I reversed my steps and did the rings first before the border, I recommend doing it as listed in this tutorial, instead).

I then added a jump ring through a center top hole, added a second jump ring to the key chain ring, and connected the two. You will likely need to use pliers to get the jump ring to form back together. Make sure the hole in the jump ring is closed up so that it doesn’t slip off and separate.



And that’s it! You now have your very own Mystic Messenger envelope. Will you send someone your own mysterious message?

As always, if you don’t feel like making this craft yourself, you can purchase it (and other goods) in the Etsy shop.

Missed out on last month’s craft? You can check it out here:

Next month’s craft will feature something GREEN and LEGENDARY! Can you guess what it’ll be?

Happy Crafting!


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