March Craft: Legend of Zelda Bottles

Just in time for Nintendo’s latest iteration of Zelda, here are some Zelda-themed crafts you can make at home!


Ocarina of Time is probably one of my favorite Zelda games, though I haven’t played Breath of the Wild- yet!

The Legend of Zelda is a Nintendo video game series that has been spanning over 30 years on nearly every Nintendo console. It follows the adventures of Link and his quest to typically save the princess Zelda and the legendary triforce from the hands of Ganon.


I’m super excited!

Tomorrow, March 3rd, Nintendo launches The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild, a new open-world adventure. So far it’s gotten amazing reviews, ranking it as one of the top games of all times.

But enough about that, let’s get to the crafts!


Tasty Milk and a Life-Saving Fairy!

This month features two LoZ bottles: One of Lon Lon Milk (perfect for restoring hearts) and one of a bottled fairy (in case you perish during your adventure!) I turned them into a keychain and a necklace so you can see both ways you can keep your new bottle with you!

Here are the materials you’ll need:

  • Two Craft Bottles with Corks (available at any craft store)
  • Embroidery thread for the chains
  • White paint
  • Water
  • Rubbing Alcohol or Contact Cleaner
  • Clay in color of your choice
  • Sparkly cellophane or Ribbon
  • A Lobster hook and eye-hooks
  • Keychain ring
  • Clear drying glue

Straight from the farm!

To make the Lon Lon Milk:

  • Add in some water and a drop of white paint into the bottle
  • Gently stir with a toothpick to mix the two into a “milky” concoction.
  • Add some clear glue to the cork and gently seal shut (you want the cork to stay put so no one accidentally drinks the milk!)

To make the Fairy Bottle:

  • Mix the clay colors of your choice and form into a ball about pea-size or smaller depending on the size of your bottle.
  • Cut your cellophane pieces into wing shapes
  • Attach the cellophane to the ball as wings
  • Let the clay air-harden or harden as per its instructions (be sure not to melt the cellophane while curing!)
  • Place the alcohol or contact cleaner into the bottle and gently place your clay fairy inside! You want to not use water as the alcohol/cleaner will add some slow buoyancy and also protect the clay some.
  • Add a little clear glue to the cork and seal.

Attaching the Keychain or Necklace:

  • Tie a length of embroidery thready around the neck of the bottle and attach to your keychain ring at the desired length. I chose not to attach the keyring to the cork as the cork I had was very small and I was afraid of it falling off with use.
  • For the necklace, tie a longer piece of embroidery thread around the neck of the bottle, making each side even. Braid or ‘Friendship Bracelet’ knot to your desired length
  • Attach the lobster clasp on one end and an eye ring on the other to form the connection!

And that’s all there is to it! This is a pretty simple craft that took me less than 30 minutes to complete both bottles (not including drying times).


Bonus helper cat Chell.

As always, be sure to check out the Etsy link if you’re interested in purchasing your own mini bottle to take home, or be sure to check out our previous craft of the month posts!

Next month’s craft will feature something anime themed for Anime April! We may have to try a little equivalent exchange to get it working, though.. Can you guess what it may be?

Happy Crafting!



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