June Craft – E3 Extra! (Mario Ornaments)

Whoa boy, this is a late post. I recently got a bit of a promotion at my regular job, so I’ve been working extra on that, and then I got sucked into the FFXIV Stormblood release, and then I played through Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance FINALLY, and well, I now have a lot of new craft ideas! See, it wasn’t procrastination, it was “research”, right? Right?


Goodbye, free time.

If you watched Nintendo’s E3 this year (one of my favorite game companies), you’d have seen the latest sensation, Super Mario Odyssey, coming out on the Switch this fall. I was originally going to make clay Mario mushrooms for the craft of the month, but after falling in love with Mario’s sentient hat, Cappy, I had to make him instead!


Look how cute they are!

So, here are some clay Cappy ornaments, in both Mario hat and Wedding Top Hat form! Enjoy!


Not perfect, but perfectly adorable!

Materials Needed:

  • Clay (I used Sculpey brand) in the colors of your choice, or in a neutral color if you’re painting them. I used Black, White, Blue, Red, and Brown.
  • Embroidery Thread for making the ornament strings in matching colors.
  • Oven (for baking the clay)
  • Clay glaze (HIGHLY RECOMMEND!)
  • Paints if deciding to paint your clay.

Start off by shaping your clay into what you want. I tried to use basic shapes such as circles, squares, etc, in order to build up the basic shape. Don’t get discouraged if it isn’t perfect, mine certainly aren’t! Have some fun and try to find reference images of multiple angles for shaping your clay.


I formed the eyes separately, and then stuck them on to make things a little easier, and then added matching clay “hangers” to attach the string to.


After you’ve got your clay where you want it, fire in your oven according to your clay’s instructions (I did 275 for 20 minutes).


Important: My clay glaze, unfortunately, dried up and I didn’t get a chance to glaze over my ornaments prior to posting this and taking photos, HOWEVER, I highly recommend glazing to help strengthen your ornaments, and give them a nice protective shine.


Braid your string, and gently place it through the opening. If you force it too hard you may break off part of your ornament and then have to reglue it on! (Like what happened with Top Hat Cappy’s little hair floof, oops!)


Let dry thoroughly, and then hang, and enjoy! These guys are pretty delicate, so if you’re going to gift them I highly recommend doing so in person or making sure your wrapping and packing skills are up to par.

And that’s it! Have fun with your clay! If it doesn’t turn out, it’s very fun to smash it all down and start again. Share your creations in the comments, I love seeing them!

I probably won’t be listing these guys in my Etsy shop as they are so delicate, but here are plenty of other things you can browse here!


Next month’s craft will be themed after an important anime town – can you guess the anime? It’ll be something very delicious in the interest of LOVE AND PEACE! šŸ˜‰

You can find last month’s craft clicking here!

As always, happy crafting!


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